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The best 7 sports to bet on

24betting bet live

A newbie bettor is often thinking, "What type of sport should I select for wagering on 24Betting?" It is difficult to identify the most profitable sport for betting since there are numerous subjective criteria to consider, and expertise varies from sport to sport.

One guy has watched tennis since childhood and has a broad understanding of the sport, while the other does not miss a single NHL game. The first is better for wagering on tennis markets, while the second is better at predicting the outcome of a hockey game.

Furthermore, while selecting a sport and a competition, consider the time of day when you can actually watch the event since many sports are ideal for live betting.

Experts prefer not to participate in unpopular sports betting, but part of the reason is the markets' limited liquidity. Beginners will be pleased with the liquidity unless you have a good understanding of the sport, you may try your luck. The best seven sports for betting are here for you.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is a popular sport among Indians. Because India is a heavily populated country, the cricket markets are quite liquid. It is a specific sport for many bettors, therefore all you need to do to succeed is be skilled at it.

Cricket wagering is a feature of 24betting, where numerous variants are accessible in real-time, because matches may take up to 24 hours, which is why live betting is so popular.

Football Betting

Bookmakers are primarily interested in football markets. They transmit the highest amounts of money, allowing you to work with four-digit figures (and in some matches, five-digit amounts). The following are the top football tournaments:

  • Champions League
  • Europa League
  • English Championship (Premier League)
  • Spanish Championship (La Liga)
  • Italian Championship (Serie A)
  • German Championship (Bundesliga)
  • French Championship (Ligue 1)

Football matches have the distinct benefit of being held in the evening. Beginners can combine their primary employment with betting as a side job. Each tournament is like a different universe. Each has its own style, football stars, and unforeseen moments.

Hockey Betting

Hockey markets offer a lot of liquidity as well, while the number of events in line is far smaller than in football. Betting on American hockey is simple since numerous websites have massive statistics databases on the NHL, AHL, and other leagues in the United States and Canada. However, a bettor is normally obliged to watch matches and put bets live.

Tennis Betting

Tennis has a significant edge over other sports in terms of the number of sporting events on which you may wager. You may open a bookmaker's line at any time of day and find betting possibilities for a tennis match in the pre-match and live. Tennis markets are also quite liquid.

Basketball and Volleyball Betting

A dynamically moving straight line connects these two sports. At any time, one of the teams can score 5-7 points in a row, causing the market coefficients to collapse. The markets for these sports are well-liquid, and the lines are extensive at the night (or early in the morning in the NBA).

Betting on Horse Racing

Betting on horse races is where it all started. The coefficients are typically high, but you must remember that they alter dynamically, and you must select the proper time to make the most successful bet on horse racing. Despite the former popularity of this sort of betting, not all Indian bookmakers and exchanges today offer horse racing as an event line.

Nonetheless, it is not difficult to discover a bookie with horse racing betting, with a large list of events and a live line, accepting bets on horses online on advantageous conditions, 24Betting will be a fantastic place to start if wanted.

Darts Betting

Professional darts is extremely popular in the United Kingdom and the United States. It has grown quickly throughout Western Europe, Asia, and Africa in recent years. 

The biggest drawback of darts is that their events cannot be present on a regular basis. Major darts events are held on a tight schedule, with pauses ranging from two to three weeks.

Darts is an individual sport in which everything depends on the player's talent and ability to deal with nerves. As a result, the likelihood of accidents and spectacular consequences is minimal here. Darts bets are typically accepted with a large margin.


It makes no sense to advise on which sport to bet on precisely; instead, bet on the one you are most familiar with, because the outcome of the event, or rather whether your bet will play, is entirely dependent on you because you select what to bet on. 

Feel free to analyze. It is not a big deal to sit for an extra hour, studying the approaching event, than to confront any unexpected complications. More knowledge gives more opportunities for achievement.