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24betting exchange

24betting bet live

Recently, sports betting exchanges are gaining more and more popularity. And professional players often choose them to play, actively using the advantages that exchanges provide. Bettors can set their conditions and form odds on which you can bet.

On 24betting.com, you can play Cricket or Soccer on the Exchange.

Cricket Exchange

Choose Cricket and specific tournament, including IPL, in the Exchange tab on the 24betting website. After that, you will find open offers for Exchange. Before you choose a bet or offer your odds, evaluate the team on the following points:

  • Ownership of the field (the team plays away or at home)
  • Weather conditions (be sure to check the forecast in the region)
  • Physical and moral shape of players, injuries, and disqualifications
  • Previous merits and personal statistics of players
  • Regulations for the match and their format
  • The quality of the preparation of the playing field
  • Judging staff

Soccer Exchange

By going to the Exchange section of 24betting, you can click on Soccer and select the appropriate league or tournament you want to bet on from the list.

Both beginners and professional cappers use different strategies that increase the chances of a successful bet outcome. The most popular football betting strategies include Betting Against a Draw and Betting on Total. Each of these strategies will require the study of statistics and detailed analytics of upcoming matches because the bettor will need to choose one of the dozens of matches that will satisfy the conditions of a particular strategy.

Regardless of the tactics chosen, it should be borne in mind that none of the strategies can guarantee a successful outcome of the bet but only helps minimize risks.

Features of 24betting Exchange

Players on 24betting Exchange have the opportunity to make two types of bets:

  • "Back", which is usually indicated in blue
  • "Lay", which is marked in red

You will see the coefficient and the amount of money in the window.

Back betting is easy. It is the same scheme as in the bookmaker's office; only these bets are offered to you not by bookmakers but by the same players on the sports exchange. They indicate the coefficient and maximum bet amount on a particular event outcome. If the proposed conditions of the player are completely satisfied, he makes a bet with the specified odds. If the match ends the way you bet, you win. If not, you will lose. Everything is classic.

"Lay" - this is the case when you accept a bet against the victory of one of the teams or against a draw. Your opponent agrees with the bet, and then everything depends on the outcome of the meeting. Experienced players usually make lay bets on the Exchange; beginners prefer a more understandable option with a back bet.

Advantages of 24betting Exchange

Consider the benefits of Exchange, giving you new opportunities in 24betting:

  • Bets are made without intermediaries. The main difference between the Exchange and sportsbook is betting directly with other players. The Exchange only provides an online platform for this.
  • The players themselves set the odds. There is no additional margin, and the coefficients more objectively reflect the probability of the outcome of events. The bettors determine the value of the coefficients.
  • The Exchange does not charge a margin but takes a small percentage for services. The independence of the company's income from the margin is beneficial to the players.
  • No betting limits. You determine the maximum amount yourself. The main thing is its presence on your account.
  • Profit can be received before the start of the match. It is not difficult to make money by moving the line, entering and exiting the market before starting the competition. So you can get a guaranteed profit, regardless of the match's outcome.
  • Constant trading until the end of the match in the pre-match format and live mode.
  • Winnings are always paid, as the Exchange takes only a tiny percentage, and you are guaranteed to receive your cash profit. You can be confident in the honest work of 24betting.

What is inplay betting?

To enjoy live matches and feel every moment of a sporting event, use in-play betting (live betting). In pre-game betting, you are more interested in the result. But in real-time, you get the opportunity to analyze what is happening here and now and make decisions depending on the situation. The most important difference between live betting is the complete focus on the moments taking place in the match. It is a different level of play that requires analytical, intellectual, and psychological abilities. But Inplay 24betting allows you to grab the winning odds or set your own to defeat the other player eventually.


Are Betting Exchanges legal in India?

You can bet on sports teams and compete with other players without restrictions. And you can quickly and safely withdraw your honestly earned money.

What is the difference between Bookmaker and Betting Exchanges?

The betting exchange differs from the classic bookmaker in that players compete with each other and not against the Bookmaker. The site administration takes a commission as an organizer but does not set odds. Bettors themselves choose all quotes.

How do I ask for my own odds in a Betting Exchange?

You can offer your own cricket or soccer odds. If there is a player who finds your conditions acceptable, he will make a bet. But keep in mind, if no one bets with you, the odds need to be adjusted.