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IPL betting - online Indian Premier League betting

24betting bet live

It's no secret that cricket is the most popular sport in India. Fans of this game annually follow the matches of their favorite teams during the legendary Indian Premier League. When the IPL season is in full swing, we predict match results and actively place sports bets. As you know, competitions are held every spring, so now is the time to think about making money on sporting events.

What is the Indian Premier League?

The Indian Premier League is the most visited cricket league. What is the secret of such love for this sport? The fact is that cricket originated in the south of England in the 16th century. An exciting team game began to spread rapidly around the world under the influence of the expansion of the British Empire, and the people of India fell in love with this game. To this day, cricket is considered a national treasure.

The IPL audience is growing steadily and is now at its peak. Many online broadcasts evidence this, with a record number of views, active discussions of games, and vast amounts of sports betting that amazed everyone.

Live cricket betting

The ability to correctly assess events during a match can give a player an additional advantage over the bookmaker, which bets will not give in the "prematch" mode. For example, after watching part of the playing time, you can form your own opinion about the game, the mood of the opponents, and the likely outcome. Moreover, this opinion will not always converge with the view drawn up before the game.

Was the odds for the favorite too low before the game? It can grow noticeably after the start of the game. But, like in the prematch mode, there are options for betting exchange on a team's victory, a draw, the number of points scored, and many other specific bets inherent in cricket.

Bet on cricket IPL 2022

Of course, every player has their favorite team in the current IPL season. And you always want to bet on the team that lives in your heart. And if you're going to be a professional forecaster and take profits from sports betting you will need a basic income. So when developing a strategy, immediate attention can be given to analytics.

Basic parameters for analysis:

  • Lineups. Changes in the cricket club can significantly change the balance of power
  • The place. The field and the region play a significant role. Long transfers and changes in the climate zone negatively affect the results of guest clubs
  • Drawing. The first attacking team often takes advantage
  • Weather. If it rains, the game may end earlier
  • Head to head and latest results
  • Number of game days. Pitches can spoil after a few days, and the probability of an unpredictable rebound is very high.

The cricket game is sometimes very unexpected, so it is essential to use a bankroll management system to minimize risk.

Cricket prediction is an opportunity to play in the demanded betting market. Using analytical approaches and rational financial management will make it possible to achieve profit.

How to make a bet on 24betting

On the 24betting website, you have the option to place a bet in one of these sections, which are displayed on the main page:

  • IPL 2022. This category contains only matches of the current championship to find actual cricket events conveniently
  • Exchange. You can bet against the same player like you in this section. Exchange is available for the sports you see on the left. There are cricket and soccer. By choosing cricket, a list of leagues and matches opens for you, and you can place bets in 24betting
  • Sportsbook. This category contains all sports, including cricket, that will help increase your income. Here you can also choose: Featured Competitions, Live or Upcoming Events
  • Sports Live. This section contains only Live Events for all sports, including cricket.

On the 24betting website, you have access to different cricket bets. You can bet on:

  • winner
  • runs
  • dismissals
  • 4s, 6s & Top Man
  • special: general run outs, ducks, extras, wides, best over

24betting payment options

By clicking on "Deposit", a window with numbers appears on the screen for entering the amount of replenishment. After that, click on the yellow Make Deposit button. The system will redirect you to the next step, where you can choose the appropriate payment method. The following options are available on the 24betting website:

  • Cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Enter Card Number, Card Holder Name, Exp Month, Exp Year, and CVV. If you want, you can save the information for next time.
  • Net banking. The system will offer you popular options, or you can choose your bank from the list
  • Wallets. You can choose from popular wallets or another one from the large list
  • UPI. Pay using your UPI ID from apps BHIM, Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, etc. You only have to enter the UPI address

After choosing the best payment method, click on the red "Pay Now" button. After that, you might be taken to your bank's website for 3D secure authentication.

Don't forget about bonuses! Using correctly, they can help you minimize losses and increase profits.


Is IPL betting legal in India?

The laws of India do not prohibit residents of the country from betting and earning on sites such as 24betting and others.

What is the best IPL cricket team?

The 24betting team does not have a clear answer. Moreover, we support different clubs. Therefore, it must be understood that each season can give a new cup holder. You can get acquainted with the statistics of teams in open sources and, after an in-depth analysis, bet on those players who will bring you a win with a high probability.

Can I place a bet using the 24betting app?

The functionality of the 24betting apk does not differ from the full version. Therefore, you can choose the IPL 2022, Exchange, Sportsbook, or Sports Live categories and bet on competitions using your mobile device.